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Simple Gmail Checker

This application can display unread number of the mail accounts and display the auto login links. Features: Show unread count of the mail. Multi account support. Gmail domain support ( and Google Apps for Your domain suppo…


On PAC-MAN???s 30th birthday, you can rediscover some of your 8-bit memories???or meet PAC-MAN for the first time???through first-ever playable Google doodle

Sneak Peek At Gmail

With Sneek Peek you can preview any message in your inbox???read or unread???simply by right-clicking it. The preview pane will display part of the message, as well as buttons for scrolling through the thread???if there is one???and a couple for archiving…

Google Reader – Play

Google Reader Play is a casual, push style way to feed yourself distracting/ enlightening/ inspiring snippets, imagery and videos. You can star a specific page, Like it or share it, but just jumping from page to page using the bottom navigation wo…

Google Buzz

Go beyond status messages Share updates, photos, videos, and more. Start conversations about the things you find interesting via

8 ways to use Google Voice Smartly

Posted on January 25th, 2010 by by Alok Saboo 8 ways to use Google Voice Smartly [Tips & Tricks] Google Voice, without a doubt, is one of the biggest development in the VoIP space in the recent past. You can read my earlier posts to find more deta…