HOW to use posterous, a little tutorial

There is so many ways to do one thing in posterous, it may get confusing!

1st method, use email! Create an account, simple so far. REMEMBER the email address you signed up with, since this is the KEY that let???s posterous KNOW where to send the POST.

The TO address sets where the post goes. IF you set the TO address as then it will go to ALL sites linked to your account.

You can email to specific service types on your account. Do you want to update your Twitter but not your Facebook? You can do that.

Email if you don’t want Autopost at all.

Email a service to Autopost to just that service type.

Email multiple services to Autopost to all services listed.

You can use the following service names to email to: twitter, facebook, flickr, picasa, blog, blogger, tumblr, youtube, vimeo, friendfeed, delicious, laconica, identica, livejournal, plurk, shopify.

Do you have multiple sites of the same type? For example, do you have two Twitter accounts but you only want to autopost to one of them? Email to send only to sites where the url contains that text.

For example, if you have and, you can email to update apple but not banana. Combine here also. will post to and all your twitter sites.

No matter where you email, we’ll always update your Posterous site. Posts on the external sites will have a url that links to the Posterous post.

THEN there is the BODY of the post.

For IMAGES, put them on the web is the easiest. Use Google PHOTO, and get a link. Just upload your image to, once there, click on the picture to get it on the screen, right click, and open image in a window. COPY this html link from the address bar, and paste it in the email like this:-


Don’t worry, posterous KNOWS what that is!

Same for VIDEO! Find a youtube video, and copy the link, like this:-

When this arrives at POSTEROUS, it automatically detects the image and video links, and embeds them in the actual blog post.

2nd method, USE the web based editor, this is what I use the most. Just log into your posterous account, select MANAGE from the top of the page, and then look to the bottom right for the POST BY WEB entry.

You should see a NEW POST page. Now you just enter your TITLE, and if you have this feeding to twitter, you can use HASH tags.

In the BODY, this is a WYSIWYG editor, so just type! Images and videos can be entered as above, just as links. For WIDGETS, I just HIGHLIGHT a working widget, and paste it to the page. If you want to get fancy, your can click the blue HTML button top right, and add CODE.

Once that is done, if you want a quick post to every service you have, just hit CREATE, and you are done. If you want to get FANCY, select the MORE POST EDITING OPTIONS link.

You can select a PRIVATE post that only you can see. Good for testing. With PRIVATE off, the default AUTOPOST EVERYWHERE IS ON. Click CHOOSE to get a list of all services, and you can select where the post goes.

TAGS, this is useful to search your posts. As you TYPE a tag, a green box below shows the text. If it says ADD, then you select the ADD to push the tag. Alternately, you can add TAGS in the title like this:- ((tag:test, post, posterous))
Must be double brackets, and must have tag: in the start, commas separate tags. If you use this, then do not use the TAG bar at the bottom.

Once all the options are set, then hit CREATE! Posterous takes the post, finds the pictures and video, and takes you to the finished post!

For more tips, see

To prove the links for images and video work, here is a link to the PRIVATE post I made!

Good one..

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