Tasker ??? Automate your Android Phone

Tasker is the ultimate Android app. (May be a complicated one also) It creates profiles to automatically change settings, delivers shortcuts, helps manage daily activities, and automates many of the mundane tasks that you attempt to perform each day. All without much effort (other than set-up process).

Tasker uses ???contexts??? to trigger tasks or setting changes. A context could be something as simple as the day of the week, a headset being plugged in, having a certain battery percentage, or entering a certain location.

Once a context takes place, it triggers an action like turning off auto-sync, loading Pandora, or sending a text message to your girlfriend to let her know you???re 5 minutes away. The app features mutli-context and multi-task options that turn this into an more powerful than you may have imagined.

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Source: androinica.com

Simple Gmail Checker

This application can display unread number of the mail accounts and display the auto login links.



  • Show unread count of the mail.
  • Multi account support.
  • Gmail domain support (gmail.com and googlemail.com)
  • Google Apps for Your domain support.
  • Auto checking of your mail.
  • Desktop Notification.
  • Sound Notification.
  • Simple Mail Preview.
  • Simple Mail Reply.
  • Open Mail Thread.

Source: Google Chrome Extensions


WARNING: Facebook ???Like??? Worm Spreading

Thousands of Facebook users are being attacked by a nasty Facebook worm that forces you to ???like??? a Facebook page, which then automatically spreads it through a user???s wall. The scammers have figured out a way to exploit the ???Like??? button via Javascript and are using it to force users to like the page, thus spreading it inadvertently through postings on Facebook walls.

The result is thousands of wall posts for a page entitled ???Shocking! This girl killed herself after her dad posted this photo.??? Clicking the link enclosed spreads the worm further.

Do not click any of these links or go to this Facebook page. It will force you to like the page and spread the worm further.

Source: Mashable

Writerous: A Plug-in For Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is the best word processing application to write blog posts and then publish them online on your favourite blogging platforms.

Unfortunately, Windows Live Writer does not support posting to Posterous.com, which means you can’t benefit from having the great experience of using Windows Live Writer when publishing to Posterous.

Writerous (thanks Keshav) is a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that allows the user to create their post in Live Writer and then publish it to Posterous.com. It’s a small and simple plugin that does what it says to.

Source: sizzledcore.com & writerous.codeplex.com

ICloud – Web based OS (windows) kind of experience.

I wasn???t sure what to expect when I logged onto??icloud, which is built upon??XML??and??Ajax. Each program runs smoothly and built-in features with this beta release are enough to keep you coming back to??icloud??for your computing needs. The initial overall??experience??looks impressive.??

I like the overall concept. Till now, apart from the fun and??experience??factors, I have not identified a possible productivity improvement aspect of it, but still I feel like this is a great concept and a peep to the future.??